Certified Fair Gambling – Changing Owners

In the summer of 2006, I purchased the online casino auditing company “Certified Fair Gambling” (CFG) from Michael Shackleford, who started the service back in 2003. CFG is one of the industry leaders in fairness testing, auditing and certification for online casinos and online casino software. Since I have owned CFG, the online casino industry has gone through several huge shake-ups, including the UIGEA of 2006 and “Black Friday.” The fact remains that there are still plenty of shady individuals and companies in the world of online gambling. The industry needs independent oversight by a company with no direct ties to any online casinos or casino products. The industry needs Certified Fair Gambling.CFG_Seal_Sample

My focus in the casino industry has shifted considerably since I took over CFG back in 2006. At present, I am mostly involved with game protection for land-based casinos. CFG has retained its distinguished position while in my care, but it also has a lot of unrealized growth potential. It is time to pass CFG on to someone with the skills, raw intelligence and drive to take CFG to the next level. I conducted a long search for a suitable replacement to lead CFG. I am fortunate to have found an individual who exceeds every hope I had for a successor.

Effective January 1, 2014, CFG is now owned and operated by Charles Mousseau. I have known Charles since we met as blackjack card counters in Las Vegas in June of 2002. In 2008, Charles gave up a successful career in Computer Science to become an independent consultant specializing in casino game mathematics. At present, Charles is the owner/operator of the consulting business Total Gaming Science. Charles has hands-on experience with the mathematical foundations of just about every casino game. He has exceptionally strong knowledge of statistical auditing. His broad background in computer programming, advantage play and gaming mathematics allow Charles to look at the nuts and bolts of the software that online casinos use. In short, I doubt there is a person better qualified than Charles Mousseau to take over CFG.

I am very proud to pass on Certified Fair Gambling to Charles Mousseau. As one of the world’s outstanding game-fairness auditing companies, CFG will surely grow under Charles’ leadership. It is hard for me to let go, but I am also excited to see what Charles has in store for CFG. Good skill, Charles!

Charles Mousseau can be reached through his website, www.tgscience.com .

3 responses to “Certified Fair Gambling – Changing Owners

  1. It’s an incestuous industry — unless you are within 1-degree of separation, the average person doesn’t have a chance. As we would say in statistics, it’s an entirely nonrandom event.

    I hope Charles has a better framework and background to analyze auto-correlation in casino games (note the correlation between MS, who was the original owner, to EJ, and then subsequent to CM).

  2. Eliot, thank you kindly for those words, and of course, I’m looking forward to seeing what Certified Fair Gambling can become going forward. This company has an awesome lineage, a fact certainly not lost on me.

    Likewise, with this freeing you up to focus more on your enterprises here, I’m looking forward to seeing what AP Heat does in the coming year.

    Here’s to a great 2014 all around!


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