Video: An Introduction to Edge Sorting

Edge sorting is a technique that is not well explained by blog articles or pictures. There is tremendous visual impact in seeing how easy it is to do in practice. For that reason, I decided to create a video demonstration.

This is my first “home video,” which means that simple things like light and sound were not up to amateur video standards. In other words, the production value is very low. But, I cleaned the room, gave my dog Rosie a toy to chew on, and did it in one take.

Here is the video:

9 responses to “Video: An Introduction to Edge Sorting

  1. wouldn’t they see u turning the cards


  2. I just read an article about this happening. Your site popped up to explain it when I Googled it.
    You are an excellent teacher. I now know what they were talking about.
    Thank you for the information.


  3. I appreciate the fact that you are willing to share your knowledge with others… it’s a rarity to find such a wealth of information these days. When I broke in to the gaming industry fifteen years ago, there seemed to be more information sharing for the “greater good”. Unfortunately it seems that has rapidly declined in the past five years or so, even with our advances with the internet and other informational tools. I really do mean it when I say thanks so much for making this and all of your other information available. It’s good to know that there are still others out there that are involved in setting a higher standard in the gaming industry.🙂


  4. Thanks for making this type of information available. As a gambler I find it extremely interesting.


  5. Aren’t you cannibalizing your consulting firm’s profits giving this away for free on your blog? Or is it that there aren’t any casinos out there anymore that are stupid enough to give away a vulnerability like this?


    • Yes, I am giving up some business by giving information away. My dog is not food-driven. I am not money-driven. This information should be in the public domain.

      Yes, there are many casinos that have serious advantage play issues.



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