The “Atlantic City 14″ and the Future of Advantage Play

The saga of the 14 gamblers who won $1.5 million from the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City by exploiting un-shuffled cards in mini-baccarat continued this week. In case you missed the story, in April, 2012, these 14 players (the “Atlantic City 14″) noticed that the cards being used on a mini-baccarat table were un-shuffled. As a consequence, they won 41 straight hands. This week presiding judge Donna Taylor once again ruled in favor of the casino finding that the game was illegal as played.

Early on in the dispute, casino owner Tilman Fertitta offered to let the Atlantic City 14 keep their winnings if they would drop their other claims against the Golden Nugget, including illegal detention and racial discrimination. I have no idea what these players experienced during their detention, but clearly they collectively felt that their claims were worthy of rejecting the settlement offer.

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Advanced Advantage Play – Update #1

I asked my publisher to put AAP under the category “blackjack” on Amazon (about half of AAP is on beating blackjack and blackjack side bets), and it immediately shot to #3 overall. The only items above it are Ben Mezrich’s “Bringing Down the House” and a basic strategy card:



It is also the “#1 New Release” in blackjack:


I am not sure how long this is going to last (probably not too long), so I am going to enjoy it. Thanks to all for buying AAP! If you bought AAP from Amazon, please take a moment to write a quick review.

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