Edge Sorting in Baccarat

An AP who wants to edge sort in baccarat is like a Sumo wrestler who wants to perform ballet: just because he wants to do it does not mean it is possible. In most baccarat games, the player doesn’t touch the cards. When the player is allowed to turn over the cards, it is usually done with the finesse of a drunken elephant; the cards rarely survive the ordeal.  In many casinos, pre-shuffled shoes are brought into play. In the situation where the cards are re-used, getting the cards to be correctly oriented is yet another challenge. After all that, if somehow the shoe does get sorted, if the shuffle includes a turn then an edge sorting scheme will unilaterally fail. Then there is the final obstacle: how can edge sorting possibly work if the AP can’t see the first four cards before placing his bet?

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  • The income possible from computer-perfect play against baccarat and many other games.
  • How to accurately determine the dollar-value and risk of different methods used to beat the house.
  • Ways to identify and defend against advantage play as it is taking place.
  • Proactive methods of protecting games from advantage play and advantage players.
  • A whole lot more!

Advanced Advantage Play covers the following major topics:

  • Introduction to advanced advantage play
  • Blackjack
  • Blackjack side bets
  • Baccarat
  • Baccarat side bets
  • Other games
  • Marketing and promotions

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Here are some of the people who should own a copy of Advanced Advantage Play:

  • Casino CEOs and COOs
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  • Director (Vice President) of Table Games
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  • Director (Vice President) of Surveillance
  • Surveillance Training Manager
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  • Companies that are designing game security and protection products.
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  • Students who are majoring in casino gaming and hospitality programs.
  • Anyone who is curious how top advantage players are beating casino table games, side bets and promotions.

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10 responses to “Edge Sorting in Baccarat

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  7. Mr. Jacobson, I was wasting a colossal amount of time running for/next loops. I appreciate your response and am going to re-write my macros to perform the tasks the way you recommend. I can’t thank you enough.

    • Wow, for/next. As long as you don’t use “goto” statements I am okay with it. I encourage you to try a stronger language. If you want to tackle any tougher projects, you’ll need the fire power.

  8. I would like to know where you got the data from the Combinatorial Analysis. What language was used to run the 5 quadrillion hands? I’ve attempted to find these numbers in Visual Basic but the run time is too great. Were these numbers based on a simulator? Was every hand considered from an 8 deck shoe?
    Thank you
    Dave H.

    • Baccarat is actually one of the fastest programs to run a complete combinatorial analysis. It is not a simulation. It takes milliseconds. The trick is to simply iterate over all six-tuples (a,b,c,d,e,f) where each satisfies 0 <= x <= 9. Then for that six-tuple, evaluate the baccarat hand that results from it. Then, count how many ways that six-tuple can arise from the shoe and weight the result of the hand appropriately. For example (0,3,3,5,6,0) can happen 128*32*31*32*32*127 ways, and the result is Player: 0,3. Banker 3,5. Banker natural wins. My programs are mostly written in C and C++ and are complied and run on a x86 Ubuntu machine.


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